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The company was formed to: A.) Sell direct to market Smart Affordable ISBU Housing in New Mexico and neighbor States, B.) Set up ISBU fabrication facilities to provide Housing to Developers and Native American communities and Disaster Relief Units and C.) Create an industry in New Mexico that maximizes ISBU Innovation and Technology. The company has partnered with Gallup Land Partnership in the venture. Gallup Land Partners currently has residential and rail-served industrial projects under development and has interests in energy and light manufacturing.

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Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by asking many individuals to contribute funds, for a specific business venture or cause. We can assist with Reward (through our own portal) and Equity (consultation with the client) crowd funding. The contributions can be in small amounts, say $1, or large amounts such as in the thousands of dollars.. is a New Mexico "centric" Portal focusing on Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Non-Profits, and Dreamers.

KnollGBP Managed / Equity

Turquoise Trail Releasing, LLC is an independent “boutique” media content (motion picture, television programming, music, and new media) worldwide releasing company. The company, based in New Mexico, is focused on the integration of traditional and non-traditional financing matched with new distribution models placing the Company in an exceptional position for continued growth.

KnollGBP Managed / Equity

In the last decade, New Mexico established itself as a powerful player in film and television, hosting big-budget movies and acclaimed TV series. Seasoned crews, varied locations, full-service movie studios, and competitive incentives have ensured that production will continue in New Mexico. Blue Sky Producers Lab is a media accelerator designed to build a sustainable model where local creatives drive the content.

Our Mission and Vision

Knoll Global Business Partners (KnollGBP) qualifies compatible business interests that are willing to share “reasonable” opportunity risks and resulting rewards.

Once qualified, client-partners are readily introduced to our global resource partnership network. Our partnership network includes partners from the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Central and Southeastern Europe.

KnollGBP works primarily with a consortium of partners with diversified interests in key sectors including Global Resources, Energy, and Entertainment.

Our Core Competency

To market and promote early stage businesses raising capital through formulated evaluations and unique strategic implementation in order to optimize the performance of your offerings success.

Next Steps...

If you have an idea or a project and you are looking for a business or investment partner(s) now is the time set up an appointment with our team for a complete evaluation.